How are you? REALLY, how are YOU?

How are you? I mean really, how ARE YOU? If you are truly great, constantly happy, nice to everyone – including yourself – every minute of the day…then congratulations! You must be the Dali Lama. Or Richard Simmons.

My name is Michael Anderson and I’ve spent my life getting “ahead” in life, and I’ve spent all my time surrounded by successful, high-achieving people. I’ve been around high-performing athletes through playing basketball in college and in Europe. I’ve studied with super-smart people though my two advanced degrees. And I’ve been connected with high-level and entrepreneurs through my days as a worldwide corporate executive and founding three successful software companies.

After all that great stuff, I realized something.

I wasn’t happy.

And I didn’t know why. Here’s what I noticed about myself;

  • I was EXTREMELY hard on myself. Out of all the great things I achieved, I spent all my time dwelling on the few things I perceived I didn’t do perfectly.
  • I had this impending fear of failure and doom. Even when things were going great, I would think “What if I play like crap in the next game?” “What if I lose my few big customers and have to fire everyone?” Then I would get freaked out and depressed. Even though there was little or no chance of these happening.
  • I would keep comparing myself to others until I found people who I perceived were “better” than me. “That guy’s girlfriend is prettier than mine!” “I think she makes more money than me.” Then I would resent that person, think I was a loser, and get down on myself.

Does this sound familiar? Well that’s OK because this is normal human behavior. And this way of thinking can be changed. And it isn’t as hard as you think.

I’ve spent the last 5 years working specifically on changing these behaviors in myself through scientific psychological techniques. And now I am packaging up what I learned specifically to help high-achieving, driven people – as we are a different breed. As a group, we are notoriously hard on ourselves, and at the end of the day, aren’t that happy. Even though most of us have so much. And I’ve made the program easy to use, easy to implement into your life.

So if you have an interest in moving into a happier place, bring more joy and contentment into your life, and generally be kinder to yourself, stick around. That’s what we’re here for.