The Biggest Lie in the Universe

All of us have our hopes and dreams.  We are often times optimistic.  We have things that we are working on, and we can’t wait until they happen.  Because then, once we achieve that, we’ll be happy.  And there is the problem.


The biggest lie in the universe is:  “I’ll be happy when I ….”


I’ll be happy when I’m more wealthy.  I’ll be happy after I get married.  I’ll be happy when I get divorced.  I’ll be happy when I reach my target weight.


How many “I’ll be happy when”‘s do you have in your life?  And how many times have you said that?  And when you got there, how long did that happiness last?


Well it’s a trick that our ego plays on us.  It’s keeping us out of the present.  The good thing is there is a very simple, quick change we can make when this comes up.  Simply use this as a trigger to come into the here and now, and ask your self what you can be happy about NOW?  Make a quick gratitude list.  Good chance there are a lot of good things that you can point to.


There’s always going to be things in your future that you are looking forward to.  That’s a good thing!  Here is what I challenge you to do;  Enjoy the Journey.  Go for it.  Don’t be tied to the outcome.


Easy to say, though sometimes tough to do.  That’s why we provide coaching and counseling services.  We have people who have trained for years to help you start making changes like this in your life.  If you’ve been doing things for 30, 40, 50 years the same way, sometimes it takes some practice to change your behavior!  In fact, it should be expected.


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