The Procrastination Playbook

This week’s Video Blog has to do with Overcoming Procrastination – learn why we do it and get 5 key tips to move you into action!

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Blog Summary

What is the root cause of procrastination? The cause of procrastination is a sign, it signals that the whatever we are procrastination against, is that we have a fear about identifying a result of that action. An example is like in school, when we know we have a test, instead of studying a week before, we start the day before to cram all the reading and learning. Had we dedicated more effort and time earlier and still did bad, it makes us feel like our best isn’t good enough. However, if we crammed the day before, and didn’t do well, it gives us an excuse because we didn’t try hard enough or didn’t put our best effort. It is very hard for our ego to fail at something when we try our hardest. Check out my playing big audio download, if you want to learn more about this. Now, here are five quick tips about getting over procrastination.

1. Just 5 minutes – Do something for just 5 minutes, and if you don’t want to do it anymore, don’t do it, but make sure you do it for the whole 5 minutes.

2. Eat that Frog – Do all the stuff you don’t want to do early in that day. If you spend the whole day not wanting to “eat the frog,” at the end of the day, you still have to eat the frog! If you just do it in the morning, you have the whole day to not think about eating the frog, and can enjoy the rest of your day carefree.

3. Enlist others and write it down – When we’re accountable to other people, and we specifically write down what we want to do, the rate of doing those things goes up tremendously. If you need help, check out, this will help facilitate this.

4. Write a letter to yourself – Whenever you feel particularly inspired, write a letter to yourself! Whenever you feel procrastination to doing something, read that letter, re-inspire yourself and remember what you’re doing this thing for.

5. Name your procrastinator – If you can identify your procrastination aspect, have a dialogue with your “procrastinator.” This helps to get you into action by having a dialogue with that aspect of yourself.