The Receiving Challenge

This week’s Video Blog includes a RECEIVING CHALLENGE!  Watch now to see how you can honor both others and yourself by Receiving.

Blog Summary

Ever have someone deflect a compliment away when you try to give one? We all have a tendency to deflect compliments at certain times. The issue when deflecting compliments is that you don’t take that compliment in and you don’t honor the person giving the compliment. As we acknowledge our own compliments, we build our worthiness, which is a core belief in ourselves. Here’s a challenge: Every time you get a compliment this week, look them straight in the eyes, say thank you, and let it sit. I want you to truly internalize, and take it in. Don’t worry if you truly deserve it, or want to bring someone else in, this week, just take it in for yourself. You’ll really honor the other person who is giving you the compliment. Let us know how it went!