Embrace your Power

This week’s Video Blog shows you how you can Embrace your Power.  Take the next step into fulfilling your potential!

Blog Summary

There is a difference between owning your power and stepping into what you’re good at, and arrogance. It has to do with the energy of how you do it. The greatest thing we can do is to live up to our potential and live into our power. Here’s a (fictional, point proving) story: A doctor moved to a new town, but he didn’t want anyone to know that he was a doctor. However, while

he was there, a girl next door to him got sick, and eventually died, because she needed a doctor but the parents didn’t know where to find help. Own up to what you do! This week, take what you’re really good at, and own it. Find ways to step into it and serve people. Do it with confidence! Write in the comments what you’re good at, and declare it to the world!