Leadership Lessons from the Navy Seals

This week’s Video Blog talks about learning leadership lessons from the Navy Seals. 

Blog Summary


I was able to spend an amazing day this week training with the United States Navy SEALs. I have three leadership tips that came during our training. Tip 1, people want to be lead. The military says that we don’t want the leader to be on the front line, leading the charge. It is important in the military to protect the commander, because he’s the one that is in charge and knows what is going on with the bigger picture. Tip 2, embrace leadership. Many times, I see executives and entrepreneurs hold meetings and tentatively step up. Remember that these are your people, your employees, and they’re looking for direction from you! Step into your power when the opportunity arises. Tip 3, you don’t always have to know the answer to be a leader. When there are gaps in leadership, step up to make a plan to move forward. Look for the next leadership opportunity, and the people around you want your leadership. A leader can look, assess the situation, and move to create a solution to the problem. See you soon!