Lessons from AUS – The Tall Poppy

This week’s Video Blog comes to you from Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. Learn what the “Tall Poppy Syndrome” is and why the world is better off without it.

Blog Summary

Excited to give your Sunday video blog from Sydney, Australia! A cultural phenomenon of people in Australia, called Tall Poppy Syndrome, occurs when you have some success, that the rest of the population takes notice and tries to cut you down. I discussed on my speaking tour in Australia that they can take ownership in a graceful, humble way. Sometimes, people are confused, that if they take leadership, they come off as arrogant, which is not true. There is a way to show up as a leader, but also as a humble servant. What better way to step up as a leader and affect people on a grand scale. As I was speaking to a resourceful young lady with a great business idea, she described to me a plan that would be able to help a lot of people with hospitalized and sick relatives, but who did not have insurance. I asked her how the project was going, and what stage of the plan she was on, but she said she has not started yet! When asked why, she said she was scared, and she didn’t know if she could do it. It was a worthiness issue, but the next time you think about who are you to do this, think about who are you not to do this.

Who better on this earth than to take this chance, take this risk, and go for it? I challenge you to think about where you’re playing small and making the next step, and I want you to make an experiment, go for it, and step into your leadership with humility and grace, and lead people. See you next week from Australia!