Lessons from AUS: How to Change Habits

Know what to do in your life but not doing it? In this week’s EJ! Video Blog, learn how to change habits in your life just like cutting new trails in the bush. On location in Brisbane, Australia.

Blog Summary

Here again from Australia! We’re talking about changing patterns and habits today. Many people come to Executive Joy, and we teach on a variety of topics and skills, such as how to stop procrastination, minimize stress, how to go for it in life, turn negatives into positives, have connected relationships. Unfortunately, we can’t assume that when we learn something that we automatically apply it to every area of our lives right away. A good entrepreneur friend of mine gave a great metaphor. If you’re in the outback, and you’re trying to get from point A to point B, and you’ve been doing it a certain way for years and years, that path is already worn down, it’s easy to take. However, when you learn a new skill, it’s like you’re trail blazing. We’re cutting down trees, creating a new way. After a while, this is new path becomes the easy, comfortable path, and the old path is grown over. Here are a few tips to do this. One, create an affirmation. Say you ARE doing this new thought or behavior.. Every morning, look yourself straight in the eye, and say that you are doing this new way of thinking. It will give you a reminder to do it through the day. Two, give yourself a rating scale. Rate yourself on how you did during the day. Use it as an awareness to reflect on the day, and maybe write down places where you could improve from that day. We’re creating simple routine to change our behaviors and habits. For more help and information about creating new habits, check out my friend’s website, http://www.thehabitfactor.com, for practical application of how to break old habits and create new ones. When you learn something new, don’t just take it in, implement it in your life by creating this new path.