Happiness by changing OR to AND

Are you waiting for something to happen before you are happy? In this week’s EJ! Video Blog, learn how changing one small word can be life-changing.

Blog Summary

An interesting thing that came up in my time at Australia when I was talking to a woman, and she had an or that we switched to an and. Sometimes we have agreements with ourselves that are often false agreements. This lady had an audacious goal that she was looking towards, and she thought she could either be happy or achieve this goal. So often, we think we can only have one thing or the other. Maybe we think we can either be happy at work or have a happy home life. How often do we think we can either be in shape or work hard? Let’s change that “or” to an “and”, and it opens up how we can think about things. Where are you becoming a martyr, where you think you can’t be happy or have fun or spend time with my family because you’re doing this other thing? These aren’t excuses. Sometimes we get caught in thinking that we have to give up things we enjoy because something else is taking up the time. It is a process to find where the “or”s are and change those to “and”s. Remind yourself by posting it in different places to continue to change those “or”s to “and”s. It’s a process, you can do it!