BBQ, Jerry Rice, and Trying Something New

Staring something new? First, listen to this story about Jerry Rice. Then check your expectations as you go out there and take it on.

(Thanks Dreamland!)

Blog Summary

Often times, when we start new projects, we have these sky high expectations. When we see people that are very good, we think they’re naturals. The fact is, they’ve worked incredibly hard to get to where they’re at. An example that we can see is Jerry Rice. He was an amazing wide receiver who is now a NFL Hall of Famer. When Jerry Rice was warming up for the pre-season, which are the practice games before the regular season games begin, he wouldn’t warm up like the rookies or the returning wide receivers. Jerry Rice would give 100% in every pass route that he was thrown in warm ups, and would then sprint all the way to the end zone every time. That’s the way Jerry Rice practiced. Every time he touched the ball, he would catch the ball and run all the way to the end zone. When asked why he was exerting so much energy before the pre-season began, Rice said that every time his hands touched the football, his body was going to the end zone. While many see Jerry Rice as one of the best players in professional football, we tend to think he is just a natural. However, Jerry Rice has also probably worked harder than anybody ever. When he steps onto the field, we only see the results of his dedication and hard work. Since he was young, he had this mindset that every time he got the ball, he would go to the end zone. So when we start something new, while we see how naturally accomplished people do things, we should set our expectations out as a novice. Have proper expectations at the beginning, have fun, enjoy the process, then work hard to achieve your goal, just like Jerry Rice.