How to Start a Big Project

Have a big project looming though don’t know where to even start? Then start with our latest Video Blog.

Blog Summary

While I was in New Orleans, I was speaking at a regional entrepreneur conference about starting big projects, how to beat procrastination, just going for it, etc., and it was being video-taped! So before the event started, I was talking to the cameraman, Brett, about the lighting and logistics. Well, after my presentation, Brett comes running up to me, really excited, and says “I want to write a children’s book, but I don’t know where to start!” So we sat down so I could talk to him about working on starting his project, and the problem was that he has two great ideas, but has no where to start. I suggested that he take 3, one hour slots during the week, just to work on the book ideas, so he can plan on how to work on the book. Secondly, I suggested he keep his expectations low. The first book is all about learning through the process and enjoying this new process, and it’s the first book. The first book is probably not going to be a best seller, but if you go through the process of writing your first book and learn from it, you will be more successful in the future. A lot of times, when we do experiments first, we can go back and revise things. After the first experiment, there’s a huge chance that even better ideas will grow as the ball gets rolling. Keep these things in mind when you think of starting a big project, and remember these tips to help you begin!