Energy Advice from a Monk at the NCAA’s

Live! At halftime from the NCAA tournament first round games, learn what a monk can teach us about managing energy.

Blog Summary

Michael Anderson here at the NCAA 2014 March Madness Tournament at the San Diego State University Viejas Arena with your Sunday evening video blog! Earlier this week, I was able to talk to Dan Dapani, a Hindu monk. He talked about energy, and how we have a finite amount of energy in our lives, and we have to be careful where we put our energy. This is something that we talk a lot about with our clients, and how energy is such an important aspect in your life. Here’s a quick exercise: Look at all the different relationships you have in your life, and list them out. Ask yourself: Is this relationship giving me energy, or taking it away? Now do the same with the different activities going on in your life. If we do this, we can see what we can do more in our lives to get more positive energy, and see some of the things that we can release. Check him out at See you next week!