Quick tips for happy activities – from the NCAA’s

Get a few really quick tips on how to bring more happiness into your life. Live on location from the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Blog Summary

Michael Anderson here again from the San Diego State University Viejas Arena! As I was talking to a friend on the way over, he recommended some tips that he read to increase your happiness. Find activities that give you happiness, both now and in the future. An example is basketball! My buddy and I love playing basketball, and it gives us satisfaction now because we can play and have fun, but also in the future, for staying active and fit. However, he said he would always think about going out go play basketball, but never be able to do it. Now he puts it into his schedule, which is easy to plan ahead of time so he is able to do it. He also talks about inviting some relatives that he hasn’t seen in a while, so they can all have fun together and catch up while playing basketball! Blocking times out in our schedule allows time for us to do things that we can enjoy. Keep this tip in mind, and see you next week!