Video Blog Intro to Executive Joy! Radio

Introducing Executive Joy! Radio!  Watch the short video to hear a recap of the first show.  Below are links to the first episode podcasts and the main show page.

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Red Play Icon   EJ! Radio – Introduction to Executive Joy!

In this segment, Michael Anderson, founder of the Executive Joy! organization talks about what we do and how it benefits you.  He is joined by guest / co-host Karen Kripalani of Oceanhouse Media.

Red Play Icon   EJ! Radio – Michael’s Story

In this segment, Michael Anderson tells his story. Learn why he decided to start Executive Joy! and how it may apply to you.

Red Play Icon   EJ! Radio – Interview: Karen Kripalani

In this segment, Michael Anderson interviews Karen Kripalani, co-founder of Oceanhouse Media, a worldwide leader in mobile application development.  Karen shares tips on how she and her husband Michel keep a harmonious family life while they first started and now continue to grow a business together.

Red Play Icon   EJ! Radio – The ARC System

In this segment, Michael Anderson and co-host Karen Kripalani talk about the powerful Executive Joy! ARC system (Awareness, Response, Compassion), which can help you easily and quickly make significant changes in your life.

For more information, visit our main show page:

Blog Summary

The ExecutiveJoy! Radio program is now being broadcasted to you live every other Thursday at WSRadio ( Head over to for the updates. The programs are podcasted as well so that you can listen to them anytime, anywhere.

One quick tip from ExecutiveJoy! Radio special guest Karen Kripalani, co-founder of Oceanhouse Media, is that when your spouse and yourself are business partners, be sure to regularly set aside time each week to talk about business and family issues. This allows the rest of the week, they don’t have to worry about it, and bring these issues to their weekly meetings, instead of stressing about it and never finding a time to hammer out the details.

Every other week, we will recap our radio cast on our video blog, so if you find something you like, you can download the related podcast for your enjoyment and development.