EJ! Radio – The ARC System

Welcome to Episode 1, Segment 4 of the April 3rd, 2014 Executive Joy! radio show, originally aired on WS Radio.  

In this segment, Michael Anderson and co-host Karen Kripalani talk about the powerful Executive Joy! ARC system (Awareness, Response, Compassion), which can help you easily and quickly make significant changes in your life. 

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EJ! Radio – The ARC System

Radio Summary

We as humans seen to have this habit of thinking that everything needs to be in absolutes; “I’m a happy person”, “I’m such a bad boss”, “I want to be a good husband.” However, the fact is, we’re always happy and unhappy at the same time. We have to ask the question: Where are we at on that scale? Are you 40% happy and 60% unhappy? When we look at things in grey, it is much easier to make changes. Instead of going from 0 to 100, try and make a 3% increment, we can all make 3% increments very easily in our lives.  

Our life changing program, NO MORE EXCUSES! The 7-Step Guide to moving through the Fear and into your Purpose, has received fantastic feedback. The price  has been further reduced to only $49.95, so that it can be more accessible to more people. In the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, you can find a life purpose and a way to get there!