EJ! Radio – Humor is Power w/ Karyn Buxman

Welcome to Episode 2, Segment 2 of the April 17th, 2014 Executive Joy! radio show, originally aired on WS Radio.  

In this segment, Karyn shares with us why humor is good for us.  Learn the physical, social and psychological benefits.

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EJ! Radio – Humor is Power w/ Karyn Buxman

Radio Show Summary

Just got done with my recording of our radio show, executivejoy.com/radio, and I just had Karyn Buxman, a hall of fame speaker, author, and “neurohumorist.” She studies the relationship between humor and health, and humor and leadership, and what goes on in our brain when we u se humor. If you have any interest in this, go and download our podcast to hear about 45 minutes broken into 3 segments. One thing that she talked about is that humor, being vulnerable and telling a self-deprecating joke to someone, is a great way to build bond between people. Think about your past, specifically the things that happened to you that are funny, and go write a skeleton of a story. You don’t have to memorize it, but know the main parts of it. Then, when you want to break the ice with somebody at a meeting, gathering, or social, go ahead and tell that story, and the both of you can get a laugh and connect. Laughing about yourself shows that you’re approachable and able to make a connection. For more, check our podcast, as she talks more about what happens to us physically and socially, and how leaders can use this as a competitive advantage.