EJ! Radio – Lead with Laughter with Karyn Buxman

Welcome to Episode 2, Segment 4 of the April 17th, 2014 Executive Joy! radio show, originally aired on WS Radio.  

In this segment, Michael interviews Karyn Buxman who teaches us that as a leader, humor has several benefits.  Add these tools to your arsenal.

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EJ! Radio – Lead with Laughter w/ Karyn Buxman

Radio Show Summary

Just got done with my recording of our radio show, executivejoy.com/radio, and I just had Karyn Buxman, a hall of fame speaker, author, and “neurohumorist.” She studies the relationship between humor and health, and humor and leadership, and what goes on in our brain when we u se humor. If you have any interest in this, go and download our podcast to hear about 45 minutes broken into 3 segments. One thing that she talked about is that humor, being vulnerable and telling a self-deprecating joke to someone, is a great way to build bond between people. Think about your past, specifically the things that happened to you that are funny, and go write a skeleton of a story. You don’t have to memorize it, but know the main parts of it. Then, when you want to break the ice with somebody at a meeting, gathering, or social, go ahead and tell that story, and the both of you can get a laugh and connect. Laughing about yourself shows that you’re approachable and able to make a connection. For more, check our podcast, as she talks more about what happens to us physically and socially, and how leaders can use this as a competitive advantage.