What Makes us Happy

In this weeks Executive Joy! Radio program Michael shares what truly makes us happy, based on real-life research and scientific studies. Stop guessing and see what the experts say!

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Blog Summary

What I want to talk about today is this: What Makes You Happy? We all see the self-help books, the blog posts, the “happiness” gurus, the quotes about happiness on our Facebook newsfeed, but as an analytical businessman, I want to know what actually works. On the first segment, we looked at a previous president of the American Psychological Association, and he did a study of 60,000 and found out what makes us happy. For example, healthy people are not happier than unhealthy people. Also, it doesn’t matter where you live: people who live in sunny places aren’t happier than people who live in bad weather. Once you’re above the poverty line, money doesn’t determine happiness. The number one thing that determined people’s happiness was their connections and relationships. People with big social networks, ones who have lots of close, deep friends, were happier than the control group. People who are married are happier than people who are not married. Finally, religious people, those with a deep sense of spirituality, were happier than people who did not have a deep sense of spirituality. The reason why? People who are religious or who are part of a religious community, have hope. They have a reason why things happen. Secondly, they are part of a community, which goes into that social aspect. When you look at your life, look at your different relationships. How can you make them deeper and more meaningful? It’s not necessarily about the quantity of relationships, but how much quality do you put into each one? How can you reach out to others to deepen some of those relationships?