EJ! Radio – EO / YPO / WPO Forum Best Practices

Welcome to Episode 3, Segment 2 of the May 1st, 2014 Executive Joy! radio show, originally aired on WS Radio.  

EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) San Diego president and former regional director Blake Canedy joins Michael as he talks about what forums can do to reach the next level as far as bonding, intimacy and value. 

Relevant for all members of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization), YPO (Young Presidents Organization), and WPO (World Presidents Organization)

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EJ! Radio – EO / YPO / WPO Forum Best Practices

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Radio Show Summary

In this show we talk about Forum Best Practices. One forum best practice is to have all 12 presentations scheduled out before hand with who the coach is going to be. You get into the real depth of the presentations when you do this. I’ve seen forums where the next presenter for the next month is simply chosen at random. If there happens to be an urgent issue, this person works on the issue, however, when you have things scheduled out, the presentations have a much more substance to them, since they have 3-4 months to plan. While it may not be necessarily urgent, it is important.