EO / YPO / WPO Forum Guide

In this weeks Executive Joy! Radio program and video blog, Michael Anderson has Blake Canedy, EO San Diego current president and former regional council member in the radio studio. They discuss the topics;

  • Forum Best Practices
  • Planning Forum Retreats
  • Forum Leadership – Leading Leaders

Watch the video blog for a short recap and listen to the podcasts for a deeper dive. Give us your comments below!!!

Relevant for all members of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization), YPO (Young Presidents Organization), and WPO (World Presidents Organization)

Download / Listen:
EJ! Radio – EO / YPO / WPO Forum Best Practices

EJ! Radio – EO / YPO / WPO Planning Forum Retreats

EJ! Radio – EO / YPO / WPO Forum Leadership – Leading Leaders

For more information, visit our main show page: ExecutiveJoy.com/radio

Blog Summary

This is going to be a very specific video blog from the people from the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), Young Professional’s Organization (YPO), and World Professional’s Organization (WPO). These are global associations of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and presidents of companies. On this Executive Joy! Radio show, I was able to host Blake Canedy, the EO San Diego Chapter current president and former regional council member. We discussed Forum best practices, how to plan forum retreats, and forum leadership and leading leaders. In this blog, I’m going to give you a couple tips and tricks from him.