EJ! Radio – What Happens When You Practice Positivity?

Welcome to Episode 8, Segment 2 of the August 14, 2014 Executive Joy! radio show, originally aired on WS Radio

Can boosting your mood boost your brain function? Scott Crabtree says yes! And he would know. He founded Happy Brain Science to foster creativity and happiness through science: www.happybrainscience.com

We can all make choices to affect our own happiness, so focus on the good stuff at work. Talk about why things look so great! When you focus on what’s good, you’re going to gain—plain and simple.

But how do you continually practice active optimism? Scott suggests writing out your best possible future to nurture your optimism to make it more likely to come true.

Learn how to thrive in the workplace!
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EJ! Radio – What Happens When You Practice Positivity?