Albert Einstein on Consciousness

(This is a guest blog post by Erin Johnson, founder of GLISTEN, which specializes in helping people gain self-awareness and achieve balance through teaching meditation and mindful nourishment.)

According to Albert Einstein, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” I think he was on to something.

What if you could raise your level of consciousness while also developing more concentration, clarity, self-awareness, and inner peace?

I don’t know about you, but I always found it really difficult to solve complex business problems while caught up in a state of stress. Working for one of the best publications in the world in a high-pressure business strategy role wasn’t overly conducive to feeling calm, centered, and decisive.

About five years into my seven-year stint at The Economist, I discovered a little tool that completely changed my approach to life and business.

I’m writing this on a sunny day in San Diego feeling a sense of ease and focus, but my life certainly didn’t reflect this reality two years ago while sitting in my cubicle in Manhattan, waiting to go into the monthly forecasting meeting with senior management.

What changed, you might ask?

The answer is the secret ingredient: the way I approached my mind.

The approach was gradually transformed by learning how to meditate and incorporate meditation into my daily life.

Have you ever wished you could take a vacation from the incessant chatter in your mind? What would that look like for you?

The mind is so powerful and the chatter of all your thoughts is loud and can be downright disruptive.

The vast potential of the mind can be unlocked and harnessed in a positive way to create sustainable change by helping you access the higher part of yourself that knows all the answers and the path to health, balance, and a deep feeling of peace and contentedness.

All of the answers can be found within. It is far more efficient to approach problems from a place of quiet than to try to find or force the answers while caught up in a state of stress, chaos, and attachment to a given scenario or situation. We just need to take a moment to pause to wonder, and the answers will be revealed.

Well, how can I do that, you might ask? The answer lies in not actually doing anything. We merely ask the body and mind to be and not do for just a little while each day.

We begin this practice by asking the mind to be quiet for as little as five minutes, twice a day. It is easy to incorporate the practice of meditation into your daily life by taking a bit of time when you first wake up and then again when you arrive home from work to help begin to transition from the day into your evening. It can also be done just before retiring at night so sleep is more restful and peaceful.

Incorporating meditation into your daily life raises your level of consciousness and allows you to approach your life from this higher plane by heightening your awareness, boosting sensory perception and increasing stimuli processing capability.  How could the solutions to your problems and questions not come more easily from this place?

The practice of meditation also opens your mind to understanding and feeling a deep sense of gratitude for the many blessings present in your life. It expands your understanding of the natural balance of giving and receiving as you open yourself up to feel more gratitude. As this feeling of gratitude is fostered, you are giving of your thanks and opening and honing your receptivity to receiving more good and more blessings in your life. As Thanksgiving approaches, give yourself the gift of meditation and learn an amazing tool to help you align yourself more closely with this natural rhythm and balance.  In return, begin to receive the feeling of a deep sense of peace and contentment.

Based on his quote, I bet Einstein would endorse the tool. He was a pretty smart guy, after all.

Erin Johnson, founder of GLISTEN, specializes in helping people gain self-awareness and achieve balance through teaching meditation and mindful nourishment.  She holds a certificate in holistic health from IIN as well as a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from NYU.  

My approach at GLISTEN is to help Guide you to LISTEN to the voice within by teaching you how to implement a daily meditation practice that allows your mind to rest and take a break from the chatter.  We will work together to guide the mind to let go of the thoughts and create space for you to begin to hear the guidance of the voice within that connects you to a higher understanding and knowing.  We will also focus on creating a plan for nourishing your body with foods that support your body’s unique needs.  This will foster your body’s natural inclination toward balance to help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

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