Starting the New Year with a Bang — the Right Way!

I see so many people failing at New Year’s resolutions. Here’s a tip you can use to succeed.

Normally people make a resolution to change, and try to get as much of the old behavior in before the New Year. Then on Jan. 1, they try to make a big change in their life. The better way: Get ready for the change before your start date. Ease into it. Smaller changes are more effective.

An example: If you are planning on starting a diet in the New Year, don’t binge the week before. It will condition your body to expect binging; any kind of diet will confuse it. While you can eat some of the things you will be cutting out, start easing into the new diet the week before.

Same goes with exercise. Don’t sit around your whole holiday vacation and hit the gym for a big workout first week of the new year. Go for a couple of light jogs to start preparing. It’s really not that hard.

Don’t try to start from a dead stop – Hit 2015 with some momentum!