Rejected by

I recently learned a great lesson. It started with by getting rejected from

A few weeks ago their editor asked me for a submission. I spent a lot of time crafting what I thought was the perfect article. Had my people read it over, then I worked on it until I thought it was perfect. I sent it back to the editor.

A few days later, he told me that it was too focused on me, not the reader. At first it bothered me: What? Me talking to much about me? 

Then I remembered that he’s an expert in this. He’s not giving me that feedback to tell me I’m wrong or to insult me. He’s giving me that information to teach me to be a better writer, and to provide his readers with the best possible product. Then I simply re-wrote the article. And now I’m a better writer.

How do you take feedback? Do you take it personally, like criticism? Or do you take it to up your game?

It’s really your choice. Choose wisely, as it is the difference between moving backwards or forwards.