Feeling Overwhelmed? Try this!

Yesterday I found myself freaking out. 

I had so much to do…and didn’t know where to start. It was causing me a lot of anxiety.

Here are the steps I took. First, I just took a few breaths and realized that it really wasn’t that bad, and that with some focused effort I can get back on track.

Then I stopped looking at my inbox. In fact, I copied all the mails from my inbox to another folder (so I wouldn’t see the stream of new messages coming in), and made a list of things that I

  1. NEEDED to get done TODAY
  2. NEEDED to get done THIS WEEK
  3. Really DIDN’T NEED to do

 I really challenged myself to put as many things in to bucked #3 as I could (which I simply deleted.)

 Then I rescheduled all non-necessary lunches, coffees, calls, and events for the rest of the week. I simply wrote notes like “Hey I know we are set to have lunch on Thursday, though I’m really behind on a few critical projects. Can we do next month?” BOOM, just like that I cleared up half of my week.

Between finding out what I absolutely needed to get done and getting rid of the non-essentials, my anxiety went away.

Then I focused only on the most important things; worked from the top on down. I quit looking at my inbox. OK – I scanned it every two hours, to make sure no updates came in. By the end of the day I answered all of my mails and updated my priority list.

Just like that I was back on track.

Feeling overwhelmed yourself? Give it a try!

Send me a note and let me know how it worked out…