Having it ALL #2 – What You’ve Been Taught

(One part of a 10 part series about why you don’t “Have it ALL” yet in your life. Find out what’s standing between you and a successful, fulfilling life.)

Answer this question – how content were your parents? How happy were they?

While they may have said everything in their lives were great, were they really, truly happy?

Reflect on that for a moment, as it is an important point.

You get so many of your habits and patterns from your parents and any other influencers in your early years (from birth to early teens.)


Let’s look at the different aspects that make up your consciousness.

Were your parents in particularly good health physically? Did they, and do they now, eat healthy and exercise regularly?

Or did they eat whatever they wanted, often to excess, then complained about it?

Did they drink and possibly even take pills or smoke weed just to get by?

Were they overweight, and always talked about doing something, yet never did?


How about mentally and emotionally? Would you consider them very stable and grounded? Did they easily, often, and in a healthy way, express their love and emotions?

Or were they always focused on the negative and complaining about other people?

Maybe they even used love and guilt in a manipulating way.


Did your parents absolutely love their job, and made a great living at it?

Or did they consider that their “duty” and just went with it?

Possibly playing the martyr.

Did one or both of them work all the time, and were seemingly never available?


And was money always plentiful in a healthy way?

Or did your parents argue about it?

Maybe one of your parents spent too much, which angered the other one.

Or they were such spend-thrifts that they never enjoyed it.


What else do you think you learned from your parents?


In every person’s case, what is modeled to you at home is what you use to go through life yourself.

That DOESN’T mean you are stuck that way for the rest of your life! It’s all changeable.


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