Having it ALL #7 – Yes you DESERVE it

(One part of a 10 part series about why you don’t “Have it ALL” yet in your life. Find out what’s standing between you and a successful, fulfilling life.)

Self-worth can be a tricky devil.

There could be a goal that you have, or a way that you wish your life was.

Yet deep down you don’t think that you are truly deserving of it.

If that’s the case, you’re never going to experience peace, fulfillment, or lasting joy in your life.

Here’s a hint that this may be you: when someone gives you a compliment, do you look them in the eyes and give a heartfelt thank you?

Or do you deflect it?

“Ah it was nothing”

“It’s really no big deal”

“It wasn’t me, it was everyone else”

When you don’t embrace your own power, how are you ever going to Have it ALL?

It’s tough because these are deep-seeded subconscious beliefs.

The good news is that there is a path out.

It all starts with understanding where you are right now.

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