Having it ALL #8 – Will I Lose Family and Friends?

(One part of a 10 part series about why you don’t “Have it ALL” yet in your life. Find out what’s standing between you and a successful, fulfilling life.)

Have you ever been talking about yourself, but you didn’t want to insult or embarrass someone else, so you actually under-represented yourself in a conversation? Deflected the praise? Played small?

It’s common. Probably more than you think.

What if you could create this wonderful life? One that had you making all sorts of money, working a manageable schedule, at a great weight with a rockin’ body, and most of all, you were just simply happy – and it showed.

How would your friends and family take it? Maybe you would stick out like a sore thumb. And that’s uncomfortable.

Some groups feed off of negativity.

It’s a victim mindset, and it subconsciously knocks people off when they start to find success. It doesn’t let anyone stray too much from the dysfunctional pack.

It’s a tough situation to be in. It’s not fair, and it creates a lot of pressure from those in your life that you are close to.

But it still exists.

Change like this takes courage. Not just courage for you to make the changes in your own life, but also courage to live, proudly, as an example to others what can be done.

The absolute best thing you can do is create this wonderful new life for yourself, as proof to others that it can be done.

That’s true leadership.

Don’t be the one that tells others how to do it. Do it and have the results speak for themselves.

Then don’t be surprised when others start to follow your lead.

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