[Trip#3] What the Psychic Told Me

Buckle your seatbelts for this one friends.

Since my trip is about self-discovery, I am looking for every opportunity to learn and grow.

So I volunteered to be “read” by the Psychic Katy Bray on herpodcast. I suggest to listening here first (my interview starts at 5:30 in), though if you don’t have time, you can read ahead and I can tell you what I learned.

Here are my three lessons:

Perspective is Everything

Katy started out by telling me that the reason I have never felt settled in San Diego is because I was there not for me, but for San Diego’s sake, it put everything into place.

It gave me a deep sense of relief and understanding.  

I had in the back of my mind “what’s wrong with me? Why am I leaving somewhere that I’ve had success in, and have a great network of powerful people?”

Though when she told me that my work here is done, that San Diego got what it needed from me, and that the next step is for myself, it made everything OK.

It gave me the reason why I’ve been so unsettled.

Nothing changed – except how I look at the situation.

Now I am on my way in peace.

I Don’t Have to Fully Believe to Participate

I personally know Katy and her partner Zeb, and we are friends. Though to be totally honest, I can’t say I 100% believe in all the psychic stuff.

I’ve told her that, and she said “that’s cool. Just go with it.”

At times when she’s reading me, even during the podcast, I’m like is this stuff real? Or is she guessing?

But the feedback she gives puts so much into context. If you listen to the podcast, she doesn’t “tell my future.” She just gives more background about what’s going on. Which enables me to understand and accept it so much more.

With that, I am making better decisions, with more confidence.

Follow my Intuition. MORE

One, if not the biggest, lesson of this trip is to listen to my inner guidance.

Often times, as Katy gives me information, it’s like things click. I know that part of me has known that all along. I just wasn’t ready to trust it, clearly hear it, and embrace it.

For example (and this didn’t make the final podcast) I was signed up for a conference that, on paper, sounded like a great opportunity for me. But I really didn’t want to go. I asked her about it, and she said “eh, you really don’t have to go. It won’t be worth it.” I cancelled it, and felt relieved.

On the podcast, when I asked her about my new, book she told me it will come in due course. Don’t force it. Wait until it feels like the right time.

For my life, the more I listen to and trust my intuition, the smoother, happier, and successful my life becomes. It’s not always easy, it’s a lifelong lesson, and it’s one I’m embracing.

Let’s make intuition this posts’ challenge.

**A note about these challenges – I want you to share something you are going through presently and are going to change.

When you bring up, for example, more about intuition, or bringing up something you changed in the past, you are bypassing the challenge. The point is to bring up something that you can work on.

I know – it takes courage!

By reflecting on where you are now, and declaring it, now that’s courageous and very powerful. It leads to change in *your* life.

Which, when I see people participating in, makes my heart sing.

So where in your life, right now, do you recognize you are not following your intuition? 

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